Employee Assistance Program – EAP

An Employee Assistance Program, also known as an EAP, is a workplace support program with the objective of enhancing the psychological & emotional well-being of employees.

Psychological & emotional problems may include stress, depression & anxiety, relationship & financial issues, substance abuse & gambling as well as other concerns.

Benefits of an EAP include reduced absenteeism & improved employee performance & productivity, increased staff retention as well as reduced worker’s compensation costs.

The need for Employee Assistance Program services vary with often more need required following critical incidents such as workplace trauma, workplace conflict or other such incidents.

How EapProgram Works

EapProgram allows employers to simply & easily purchase the number of EAP telephone consultations when they need them & which employees can access immediately 24/7 Australia wide.

For example, if your workplace suffers a traumatic or critical incident, a retrenchment process or is simply concerned about an employee’s well-being employers can immediately access counselling for their staff as well as manage the amount of support being provide & within which time frame they would like that support delivered. 

This is an extremely cost effective & efficient model delivering EAP services as and when they are required with all counselling services delivered by experienced counsellors.

An employer selects the number of consultations they need on our Home Page & upon receipt of payment a Counselling Helpline Number is provided which staff can access immediately.

Employees can contact us during normal AEST business hours, 9.00 am to 5.00pm M – F, to talk with a counsellor or to schedule a telephone counselling time which are available twenty-four-hours per day seven days per week Australia wide. Alternatively, employees can request a call back providing a date and time by using our contact form or by email: admin@eapprogram.com.au 

EapProgram has no long-term complicated contracts or high annual fees just pay-as-you-go EAP services. Never before has the delivery of EAP services been so efficient & cost effective.  


Please contact us to request EAP consultations or to discuss your particular EAP requirements using our contact form or by email: admin@eapprogram.com.au

EapProgram is a financial member of Eap.Org(Inc). Eap.Org is the Peak Body representing Australian employers, practitioners & providers that use & deliver Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs). 

EapProgram is located at 163 Victoria Parade, Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia.  Employer Contact: 0414809443. EapProgram is an Australian company representing Australian workers.